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Welcome to DW!!! Looking to make new friends?

Date: 2011-12-26 07:12 pm (UTC)
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DW username/Name: geared/tamu (help i still haven't figured out what the replacement for < lj-user > is)
Age: 20
Fandoms/Groups/Artists: Infinite, B1A4, SJ-M and SHINee are the big ones in that order, although I foresee rising interest in EXO-M in the near future :3
Favorite Members: Sanderp, Hoya, Minho, ZHOU MIMI, and then I just love everyone else. A lot.
Ships: Wooyeol is my tinhat!otp, Myungyeol is the new Yamajiama, I ship everything in B1A4 although I miiiiiiight be shipping 91line a little, I lost track of my SHINee ships (read: I think I ship everything) and um qmi.
Out of kpop interests?: UM I read!?!? I liked A Song of Ice and Fire before hbo okay and i'm forever pressed that THEY CHANGED THE COVER EDITIONS. NO. THIS IS NOT OKAY and tend to have read a lot of historical fiction and...other things. the list of (visible) books on my shelf are dragonsong, a gift of dragons, what do you care what other people think, a...drink mixing book, american gods, grain (by john glenday), watership down, norwegian wood, freakonomics, the winter king, and crush...and i think that's a pretty good sampling of my interests haha. other than that, i play video games and do...things. like school things. i was also formerly deep into animanga and je fandom soooo. also i like cpop and yes i do like han geng's new stuff hahaha ;; Um I'm currently playing p3p so i might be talking about that a lot :3
Twitter/Tumblr: twitter: @sandeulism
Anything else: UM I DON'T KNOW. I use twitter a lot, have stopped using lj because i'm a lazy ass, but I think I'd like to give dw another go. ...yes I still need to upload userpics. read above about being a lazy ass.

Date: 2011-12-26 09:33 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kordella
the html for linking users is < user name = insertnamehere > :3 just take out the spaces! (except for the one between 'user' and 'name')



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